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how to get rid of acne

How to Get Rid of Acne(Pimple) Best effective way to rid pimples and acne

Be it men or women everybody wants crystal clear and healthy skin. But as usual, there are certain skin attaches which make it impossible to achieve it, one of them is Acne. A little neglection and a pimple creep in.
Despite the skin type, almost everyone, at least once in a lifetime might have been in a situation where they want to cure it real bad. Teenagers hitting puberty are the most suffered from acne.

Causes of Acne and pimples

Let’s look at the causes or factors of acne

1.Food – Oily or fatty food like pizza, greasy and fried food, and junk food is one of the main causes of acne. Food items rich in carbohydrates, such as milk, and pure chocolate provokes acne growth.

2.Dirt – Talking about blackheads, they are oxidized oils, not dirt. Moreover, sweat is not the cause of acne, they are produced separately by other glands. Using excessive facewash can dry and irritate the skin.

3.Stress – Many people get so stressed by their pimples which causes them to last longer. Though stress does not directly play a role in acne it contributes something to it

4.Heredity – Many of the diseases come from parents. If any of your parents had severe acne, you are likely to get them too.

5.Cosmetics – Some of the skincare products and cosmetics are pore-clogging which invites acne. While shopping for skincare products, it is important to spot water as the first or second ingredient. These “water-based” products are usually best for those with acne.

Ways to get rid of Pimples and acne

You need to follow certain ways to get rid of acne.

1.Maintaining a healthy lifestyle – Having 8 hours of sleep, eating three healthy meals per day, drinking a lot of water can cure many diseases. Moreover, not messing up much with the pimples helps it cure faster. Playing with or popping pimples, no matter how careful and clean one is, nearly always makes bumps stay redder and bumpier longer. 

2.Reducing bacteria – You can reduce bacterial growth by using anti-bacterial cleansers. The most popular ingredient in over-the-counter antibacterial cleansers is benzoyl peroxide. This anti-bacterial may be in the form of gels, creams, or lotions. One needs to apply them in the affected area. The active ingredients that kill surface bacteria include benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, and resorcinol.

3.Reduce excess oil – One cannot stop oil glands from producing oil. Even isotretinoin can only slow it down not stop it, which later resumes to its original speed. It is not possible to stop oil glands from producing oil but it is possible to get rid of the oil on the skin

i) Use a gentle astringent/toner to wipe away oil. (There are many brands available in pharmacies, as well as from manufacturers of cosmetic lines.) Best Toner click here

ii) Products containing glycolic acid or one of the other alpha hydroxy acids are also helpful in clearing the skin by causing the superficial layer of the skin to peel (exfoliate).

iii) Masks containing sulfur and other ingredients draw out facial oil. Best Face Mask

iv) Antibacterial pads containing benzoyl peroxide have the additional benefit of helping to wipe away oil.

Care tips for rid acne and pimples

Taking proper care of your skin can help you minimize your acne. Let’s jot down a few beneficial points

Wash your face daily – The first and foremost rule for clear skin is to wash your face twice a day. Cleansing and treating your skin twice a day is the best way to keep breakouts away. In some cases out of compulsion, if you are unable to wash your face then clean your face with wet wipes. Never go to bed with impurities on your face. Best Facial Cleanser

Don’t over-exfoliate your skin – Scrubbing your face daily with grainy cleansers and exfoliating products can do more harm than good. Anything done too much harms your skin and the same goes with scrubbing. It causes redness, inflammation, and irritation. Exfoliation should be done with caution and not more than 2-3 times per week.

Regularly change your face towel – Using the same towel for too long can harbor bacteria, which introduces new bacteria, that cause more pimples. Now you don’t have your towel every single time you are washing your face. As long as you are actually washing off your makeup, you can switch your towels on weekly basis.

Moisturize – Now, you have dry and dehydrated skin, the oil glands will overproduce oil making it worse. While buying a moisturizer look for something which has light weight, an oil-based product that doesn’t clog your pores.

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