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How to get a sharp jawline: Exercise for a Defined Jawline for male and female

There are certain features of your face that give you an even more attractive appearance, jawline is one of them. A chiseled jawline can add a lot of enhanced looks to your face. A sharp jawline can accord your face a prominent shape.
Almost everyone desires a sharp and chiseled jawline but either they don’t have the knowledge or are not rightly guided for it. So, let’s dig a little deeper into this and absorb as much knowledge as possible regarding this.

Exercises for a defined jawline

Exercising the jaw muscles helps build them up and gives your jaw a more defined look. Let’s look at the types of exercises

  1. Neck Curl up – This has to be done while lying on the back when your tongue is pushed against the ceiling of your mouth.

⦁ Carry your chin to your chest and then raise your head off of above the ground for about 2 inches. Neither lift up your stomach nor poke your chin out.
⦁ Commence by doing 3 sets of 10 repetitions and increase gradually.
⦁ Don’t hurry in doing the exercise otherwise it might strain your neck take your time in getting used to it as these muscles are underdeveloped

2. Tongue twister – The target of these muscles will be the muscles underneath the chin

⦁ Park your tongue on the ceiling of the mouth directly behind your teeth.
⦁ Squeeze your tongues to the extreme close of your tongue ceiling and add tension.
⦁ Start humming or vibrational sound which will activate the muscles.
⦁ Do this 3 sets of 15 each.

3. Chinup – This exercise targets the lifting of the face and chin muscles.

⦁ Close your mouth, push your lower jaw and lift your lower lip.
⦁ This will make you feel a stretch under your chin and jawline.
⦁ Halt the position for 10-15 secs, then relax.
⦁ Do 3 sets of 15 each.

4. Collar bone backup – This exercise can be done while being seated, standing, or lying

⦁ Place your head level on the floor, bring your head back several inches to feel muscles on either side of your throat contract, and relax.
⦁ Commence with 3 sets of 10 each, and then gradually improve to holding the position for more than 30 seconds.
⦁ Be assured that your ears rest over your shoulders and your head stays level.

5. Vowel sounds – This targets the muscles around the mouth and on the sides of the lips.

⦁ Open your mouth wide and say ‘O’, chased by ‘E’.
⦁ Make sure to amplify these sounds and movements and don’t show or touch your teeth.

Food routine for chiseled jawline

a) Drink enough water – Drinking a lot of water has a number of benefits on its own and also improves your overall health. Drinking water aids in weight loss and improved energy throughout the day. Most of its benefits affect your jawline only indirectly, but it’s one of the best ways to go about affecting positive physical change.

b) Intake less salt in your diet – Salt is one of the exaggerated food items of today’s world, which does dreadful things to your skin.  Finding ways of limiting salt in your diet will have many positive benefits for your skin. Increasing salt intake will let your skin carry less water, making it less bloated and consequently more difficult for your jawline to appear

c) Eliminate refined carbs from your diet – refined carbs, which are also known as processed carbs, are found in many foods like cookies, pastas, white bread, and cereals. These food items not only have fewer nutrients but also lead the body to store extra fat, including the face. Instead of processed carbs and refined sugars, make sure to eat lots of fiber-rich whole grains.

Healthy habitants for good jawline

Sound sleep for a good jawline – Sleeping for almost 8 hours has a lot of benefits, including a chiseled jawline. Few people try getting asleep for 5 or 6 hours.  However, if you’re looking to get your jawline looking its best, you’re going to need to aim for the full 8 for your body to take proper care of itself.

Quit Smoking for a good Jawline – As salt and lack of sleep are dangerous for your health and skin, smoking also has a disastrous effect. If you need a sharp jawline, then you can’t help but quit smoking. As difficult as it may be at first, the improvement you’ll see in the look of your skin after a month will keep you feeling enthusiastic and motivated.

Chew gum – Chewing gums is one of the best and the most known technique for a sharp jawline. It has a lot of benefits, one of which is sharpening your facial muscles. The enduring exercise should see results over the course of a few weeks.

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