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how to fill patcy beard

How to Fix and Fill a Patchy Beard

Every single person wants to look like the best version of themselves. For men, their appearance is mostly enhanced by their beards. Beard has always maintained its spot as the stylish manliest accessory.
Having a patchy beard may sometimes trouble your confidence regarding your appearance. Though it is quite a common problem some men have a tough time accepting it. So, why take any chance let’s start with building few blocks of knowledge regarding what can be done for the patchy beard.

Causes of Patchy beard

i) Genetic factors-As we all know, Genetics Play a great part in beard growth. Genes from both sides of parents affect your beard growth. If most men in your Family have a thick full beard, then you are most likely to have it too. But if not, you will be dealing with the same problem as there’s.

ii) Unresponsive Androgen Receptors-Testosterone are the hormones that help in our beard growth. The high and low levels of this hormone decide the hair growth of the Hair and beard. In some cases, testosterone and DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is high, but still, the beard is patchy and sparse. This is likely caused by poor sensitivity in the androgen receptors within the facial hair follicle cells.

iii) Poor circulation in cheeks-The cheeks have weaker circulation as compared to the mouth and chin. This serves as the reason how it is easier to grow a mustache and goatee but seems impossible to fill the upper cheeks.

iv) Lifestyle-Your lifestyle has a great impact on your beard growth. Deficiency in vitamins and minerals, having a poor quality of sleep, low sleep duration, excessive stress, and low-calorie fitness-bunny diets are all known for collapsing your natural hormone production.

v) Medical Conditions In some rare cases, patchiness in the beard is caused by few medical conditions like Alopecia Barbae and Alopecia Areata. This causes round coin-shaped bald spots in the beard area.

Ways of filling and grow patchy beard

a) Give time to grow – To get an idea of how patchy your beard is, first you need to let it grow. Let it roughly grow for around 2 months. The basic reason behind it is that most beard looks extremely patchy in the first weeks and months of growth. So, grow it for more than 2 months and then trim it off to the same length to get the exact idea of where you are starting from. Maybe possible that your beard was really not patchy at all.

b) Consume food that reduces patchiness – As high levels of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone are needed for beard growth. There are certain food items that are rich in these hormones include

Sorghum – an ancient grain that has been shown in one ⦁ study to increase the levels of an enzyme that produces DHT by 54%.

Oysters – rich in zinc and selenium, two of the most important minerals for maintaining the beard growth hormones

Olive oil – in a ⦁ study of Moroccan men, using olive oil as the main fat source for 2-weeks increased testosterone by 17%.

Pomegranate juice – shown to increase the beard growth hormone; testosterone by 24%. Good for circulation too (which helps with patchy cheeks).

Alfalfa sprouts – a study of men eating alfalfa sprouts showed significantly increased free-testosterone and DHT levels. Broccoli also had a small effect.

Coffee – rich in antioxidants and magnesium, but more importantly it might raise testosterone and DHT levels, ⦁ quite significantly even

c) Microneedle(Don’t suggest with doctor advice) – This claims to stimulates beard growth and helps activate dormant follicles, which results in less patchy thicker facial hair. Puncturing the face is said to prompt the body into a healing response, which in turn will help the area receive an increased flux of fresh blood filled with nutrients and hormones, enhanced collagen production, and more.

d) Dye your patchy beard – Some of the healthy common sense and quick beard filling solutions could be to just dye your beard a shade or two darker. Another benefit from coloring your beard is that the non-pigmented light vellus hairs will also catch the color, which will make it look less patchy and denser. However, if you don’t have any experience then better not to buy jet black beard dye and think you can fill the patchiness in your beard, rather it would only result in an unnatural-looking beard and stained skin.

Conclusion to fill and grow a patchy beard

You can fill your patchy beard naturally and there is a number of proof of that. It may be difficult but never impossible for you to grow the beard. So, follow the ways mentioned to get the beard of your dreams.

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