Luxury Affordable V76 by Vaughn BEARD OIL


Beard Oil

Named GQ’s Best Beard Oils To Prevent Dryness (2019)

This conditioning oil softens coarse beards and mustaches. Easily absorbed, it soothes facial hair and skin, leaving them hydrated and protected.

  • Rub onto the body of the beard. Fully coat from the skin to the end.


Key Ingredients:
  • Saw Palmetto: Promotes skin and hair health while soothing the skin and scalp.
  • Safflower Oil: Prevents dryness, smoothes roughness, and soothes skin.
  • Blue Cedar Fragrance: A magnetic woody scent that is soothing and elegant with leathery accents. Coconut Milk, Nutmeg, Violet, Peach, Blue Cedar Tree, Moss, Leather Accord
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V76 by Vaughn celebrates the tradition of men’s grooming with an American sensibility. The sophisticated collection offers must-have classics updated for the modern man—and does so with an effortless, uncomplicated approach.

In a culture where men turn to barbers to achieve the smoothest shave, or to a hairstylist for styling instead of just a cut, it was clear to sought-after men’s grooming expert Vaughn Acord that it was time to create a line that offers a range of men’s products tailored to their needs. Vaughn drew on his rich history of styling American icons—from Bruce Springsteen to Tom Brady to President Bill Clinton—to develop products that simplify the grooming process and help men look their best.


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